Stranded is an animated sci-fi series, based 600 years into the future after a catastrophic war has left Earth destroyed and her colonies slowly dying.

Stranded follows Beatrice “Trixie” Buckland, a veteran of the war and owner of a small scrapyard, who is contacted by an old friend of hers. The friend asks her to help him find someone who went missing on an alien planet, and begrudgingly, Trixie accepts. Things go from good to bad quickly as Trixie encounters space pirates, and it comes down to her crew of Scrappers to rescue her.

The Adventures of Pigsnort and Quady

The Adventures of Pigsnort and Quady is an animated family series which follows the adventures of the goblin Pigsnort and her friend Quady the kobold. One day the kingdom’s Princess is kidnapped by an evil wizard and not even the King’s best men can save her. It falls to Pigsnort and Quady to answer the call and save the kingdom.