Variation Media currently doesn’t have many full-time employees. There’s mainly us, the two owners, Jade and Charlie, and several of the contractors working on Variation Media’s projects. We’re pretty chill and you can find us in a few places. We’ll definitely clean up this contact info a little later, when things are all in order!

If you’d like to contact Variation Media as a business, you can send an email to ! Or, if you’d rather contact us on a more personal level, look below!

For Jade, head on over to their personal website >here< for a list of contact information. Most of this contact info isn’t for business and is just general social media, but they’re still looking at getting the business contacts set up, so bear (grr) with them!

For Charlie, your best bet is her twitter, GultianoCharlie! This nerd’s not super used to the site, yet, but is trying to figure it all out.

Drop me a line

Let’s hang out
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